The Founding of the World

In the beginning the primordial mass of existence floated in chaos there was heat, and light and mass but no life. Into this place came the first; from where they came none know or can know, and of the first there were two.

These two brought order to the chaos and created the sun and stars and set each into cosmic orbit and rotation; and the order and rules they created stretched out from them with life of its own until the whole of the universe was in order.

The two watched this ordering and were content for many long ages pleased to keep only their own company and watch the beginning and the order spread. Eventually the order was set and in order was predictability and boredom.

The two then decided that despite having the company of each other they would like more company and so they parted ways each pledging to the other once they found what they sought they would return and share new company withe each other.

For many more long ages the search proved fruitless and there still only remained the two; lonely now in their solitude. Each in separately and in turn decided if no others were to be found they should make some.

One created a world beautiful and fil

The Founding of the World

Avaniel jameswolfe